Maesai is a collection of flat 2D graphics for videogames, super flexible and easy to implement.
If you are an indie game developer, either for android, iOS, web or desktop, this set will help implementing beautiful graphics in no time.

Maesai is fully vector, compatible with leading graphic editing software, as Sketch, Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Each detail is designed carefully.
The shapes are aligned to a pixel grid and multiple of 2. So you can reduce the tiles by half or double their size much as you like without worrying about blurry edges.

You can easily modify the shapes and colors of any tile to suit your requirements, or to create new graphics.

It's also possible to combine several tiles as they have a transparent background.

Need bitmaps?

No need to convert anything. Maesai is delivered in several formats and sizes: SVG, PNG 64px, 128px and 256px, with transparent background and ready for use in your project.

Characters Sprite Sheets

Do you need characters for your players? The Basic Pack includes the sprite sheets of Milo and Fausto, two little characters that will allow you to start working right now. You won't even have to animate them!

And two dangerous slimes:


To make your life a little easier, the Basic Pack includes some seamless backgrounds, like this one.

Some levels created with Maesai

The Packs

The assets that create our visual universe:

License: You can use it in all your personal projects and in 1 commercial project. You can't sell it or distribute it. → See license.
For any questions or suggestions please contact me at



Can you make graphics for my videogame?
Sure, I'm taking freelance jobs. You can write me at
I just need a few tiles. Can I buy them separately?
At the moment, tiles can't be purchased separately
Will there be new graphics?
Yes! My idea is to make new thematic sets: dark ages, industrial, gothic, galactic, far west, etc.
I need the tile of the gate of hell with fire and knives and zombies coming out.
I refer you to the first question.
Where can I find more info about the author?
Francisco Lemos, Graphic Designer. You can see my work here: